Waist Cinchers: Get An AMAZING Hourglass Figure

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Waist cinchers are really taking the world by storm. With the likes of the Kardashian brood embracing them and sharing all of their pics on twitter and instagram, everyone is talking about waist cinchers.

What is a waist cincher?

A waist cincher is a piece of shapewear that focuses on slimming your waistline. It is all about pulling your waist in to make it go more “in and out”. A waist cincher should fit tightly enough to take inches off your waistline. Please do be warned that waist cinchers are not for the feint-hearted. They are made of strong stuff and are not the most comfortable of things to wear.

What different style waist cinchers can you get?

There are lots of different styles of waist cinchers on the market.

The Traditional Wrap Around Style Waist Cincher

This is essentially a long piece of fabric that you wrap around your waist, like a very very wide belt. They usually fasten down the front.

The fabric is usually made from sturdy stuff – either rubber, latex or very strong compression fabric.

Within the fabric is usually boning. The more bones the better the shape. The bones should be flexible so that they mold to your body.

The wrap around style waist cincher usually fastens down the front with hooks and eyes or a zip.

The Step In Style Waist Cincher

This is similar to the wrap around style waist cincher except it has no fastenings.

It looks like a tube of material that you step in and wriggle up your body. Please be warned that you do need a bit of oomph to get into a step in style waist cincher!

Most step in style waist cinchers are boned, but are not quite as strong as the wrap around styles. This is because you need some flexibility to the waist cincher in order for you to be able to put it on!

You lose the sometimes bulky hooks and eyes or zip, but also lose a little bit of slimming control.

The Vest Style Waist Cincher

This again is similar to the wrap around style waist cincher. The difference is it has shoulder straps and usually a nice, high back.

You put it on like a waistcoat and fasten it down the front, either with hooks and eyes, or a zip.

The vest style waist cincher is perfect if you have problems with bulging over the top of the other style waist cinchers. The vest style completely smoothes things out up top and is brilliant for disguising back boobs and bra bulges.

My Favourite Waist Cincher

The waist cincher that I always go back to and recommend over and over again is the Esbelt Waist Cincher.

It gives results like no other waist cincher I have tried. It is extremely strong in slimming control but also gives a really gorgeous curvy shape. It is nice and long in the body length so it also makes your tummy look much flatter.

It is one of the more comfy waist cinchers to wear. Although it is made from rubber (super strong) it is lined with cotton, so it is nice to wear it directly against your skin.

It is my go to waist cincher and I always get tons of compliments about my figure when I have one on.

You can buy an Esbelt Waist Cincher from The Magic Knicker Shop for £39.90 including FREE UK Postage and Packaging.

Happy Shapewear Shopping x

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