What Is The Best Plus Size Waist Cincher?


What Is The Best Plus Size Waist Cincher?

This is one question that I get asked A LOT!

There are many waist cincher brands out there that *say* they cater for plus sizes. They really don’t. They actually only go up to a size 18 or 20.

This IS NOT PLUS SIZE in the world of shapewear.

What Is Plus Size?

True Plus Size is any shapewear that fits over a UK dress size 20.

THE best plus size waist cincher by far is the Esbelt Waist Cincher Slimming Corset style # ES404.

Esbelt Waist Cincher Slimming Corset


Esbelt Style # ES404

  • MAXIMUM slimming control!
  • Wrap around style waist cincher.
  • Boned for maximum shaping and slimming.
  • Rubber exterior for added strength.
  • Lined with cotton for comfort.
  • 2 hook and eye settings.
  • Gives INCREDIBLE slimming results!
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Why Is This The Best Plus Size Waist Cincher?

  • I think it is the best plus size waist cincher because it goes up to a size 4XL. This should fit a UK dress size 28 with a waist measurement up to 50 inches. This is PROPER PLUS SIZE shapewear.
  • It is a little bit longer in the body than some of the other waist cinchers. This means that it will give you superb coverage and a better looking line under your clothes.
  • It will REALLY SLIM your tummy, waistline and midriff, making you look LOADS SLIMMER and much more curvy.
  • It is made from rubber (but lined with cotton). This makes it INCREDIBLY strong. In fact we have given it the slimming level of MAXIMUM control. It is stronger in slimming control than any other waist cincher we have tested.
  • It has 6 flexible sewn in bones that help to give even more cinching power and shape.
  • It has 2 sets of hooks and eyes that fasten down the front, so you can wear it TIGHT or REALLY TIGHT, depending on how you are feeling.
  • It gives AMAZING back support and really helps to improve your posture.
  • It is REALLY well priced at £35.00 INCLUDING Free UK postage and packaging.

Check out this amazing BEFORE & AFTER Esbelt Waist Cincher photo.

Shapewear that REALLY gives SUPERB results!

waist cincher before and after


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