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    All About Spanx Tight End Tights

    I love finding a really good pair of tights. I do find that the more you spend on them, the better your legs tend to look, and the longer they will last. However, I was a bit suspicious of spending over £20 for just a pair of Spanx tights. I mean, how much wear will you honestly get out of a single pair of tights? The answer for me is quite a lot! I got a pair of the Spanx Tight End Tights High Waisted Tights in September. I’ve worn and worn them, and obviously washed them at lot too. Amazingly, they have lasted in near perfect condition. They haven’t sagged, laddered or pilled (that hideous thing where you get little bobbles all over your tights). They make my legs look REALLY good, and they do a fab job of slimming me, especially on my thighs and belly.

    Spanx Tight End Tights Main Features

    • Medium slimming control.
    • Built in body shaper – slimming from the thighs right up.
    • Beautifully opaque legs with a matte finish.
    • Non binded waistbands.
    • Cotton gussets – you don’t have to wear knickers with them if you don’t want to.
    • Long lasting – they don’t easily ladder or pill.
    • Prices range from £26.00 to £35.00

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