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    All About Spanx Slim Cognito Shapewear

    The Spanx Slim Cognito collection is my favourite Spanx shapewear range. It has been around for ages and has some of the classic Spanx best sellers such as the Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit. In fact, I wear the bodysuit pretty much on any special occasion when I am wearing a dress. I love it!

    What I think is so good about Spanx Slim Cognito

    Firstly, everything in the range is extra firm (super duper on the Spanx website) in slimming control. This makes it the strongest shapewear that Spanx make. It does an amazing job of really pulling you in and firming you up. It really does make a difference to your figure and you will look quite a bit slimmer.

    Secondly, it is made from quite thick, but really nice looking compression fabric that is pretty much seamless. This means it works well under most outfits, even under thin and tight fitting fabrics.

    Thirdly, the pieces have been designed with a “push up bra for your bottom” bit which gives superb shape and lift to your bum. If you look at the bottom section on each garment you can see extra re-inforcements that act like a sort of cradle for your bottom cheeks. You won’t feel it on but you should notice the difference instantly, one lifted perky bum!

    Fourthly, the Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Bodysuits both are designed to be worn with your own bra. They come with 4 detachable straps that you attach to your own bra (it can be strapless or normal). You loop the straps around the front, back and sides of your bra. This holds the bodysuit firmly in place making everything fit really well.

    The Spanx Slim Cognito shapewear collection ranges in price from £40.00 to a whopping £109.00! Expensive but I think it is definitely worth it for that special occasion.

    Spanx Slim Cognito Replacements

    The Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Mid Thigh Bodysuit (Spanx style # 067) has been replaced by the Spanx Slim Cognito Mid Thigh Bodysuit New & Slimproved (Spanx style # 2433).

    As always, if you are unsure what shapewear is right for you please do get in touch. Let us know your shapewear questions and queries and we will get back to you really quickly with our recommendations.

    Happy Shapewear Shopping x

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