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    All About SodaCoda Shapewear

    SodaCoda is a UK based company who specialise in lingerie and shapewear designed to ENHANCE your figure. They design beautiful quality lingerie, such as briefs and pants,  that have “secret pockets”. You pop silicone pads into these to increase the size of your bottom and give is SUPERB shape.

    One of the reasons why SodaCoda provide such products is primarily to discourage women and men from turning immediately to plastic surgery and equally distressing medical procedures. SodaCoda is widely aware of the immense pressure placed on women and men to look a certain ‘normalized’ way, which is accepted in the current social and cultural environment.  SodaCoda wants to help women and men achieve their own personal body goals through the use of products’, which will enhance or alter their natural curves thus building their confidence and self-esteem. The message we are sending out is to EMBRACE and ENHANCE your body!

    We believe it’s not just about looking good in whatever you wear but it’s about making our customers feel better and ooze confidence.
    Our goal is to help our customers look their best and feel great!

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