Shapewear Styles – What Style To Choose?

There are so many different shapewear styles to choose from. It can be a tricky thing just to understand what all of them do.

I have put together a gallery of silhouettes showing what all of the various shapewear styles look like. You can see at a glance what body areas they cover. This will hopefully give you a helping hand in choosing the right shapewear for you.

(click on the picture you like to find the shapewear we sell in that style)

Our Shapewear Styles

Control Pants (Briefs)

Control Pants are a very popular shapewear style. They work with so many different outfits, they are really adaptable. They are basically a full bottomed knicker that either stops at the waist, or has an extended waist that finishes just below your bust.

Control Pant Reviews

Body Shapers (Shorts)

Body Shapers are the most popular shapewear style. Also known as Magic Knickers or Mid Thigh Slimmers, they look like a pair of very tight, mid thigh length shorts. They either stop at the waistline, or have an extended waist that ends just below your bust.

Body Shaper Reviews:

Waist Cinchers

Waist Cinchers are one of the most transforming of the shapewear styles. They focus mainly on really slimming and cinching in the waist, but also slim the tummy and midriff. They also give superb support to your lower back.

Waist Cincher Reviews

Shapewear Bodysuits

Shapewear bodysuits are the shapewear style to choose when you need to pull out all the stops for a special occasion. They generally cover the biggest area and not only slim, but give loads of shape to your figure too.

Shapewear Bodysuit Reviews

    Shapewear Slips

    Shapewear Slips are lovely underpinnings. They basically act as a lining to your dresses and skirts, not only slimming you, but also smoothing everything out, making you have a perfect silhouette. This is one of my favourite shapewear styles.

    Shapewear Slip Reviews

      Slimming Tops

      Slimming Tops are a fairly new shapewear style. They work wonders on your top half, and are especially great at slimming out your back bulges.

      Slimming Top Reviews

        Control Tights

        Control Tights combine a pair of lovely full legged tights with a mid thigh body shaper. This can be either a waistline version or an extended waist version which stops just below your bust.

        Control Tight Reviews

          Bum Boosters

          Bum Boosters are the cheekiest shapewear style. Designed to actually increase the size of your bum!

          Bum Booster Reviews

            Bras & Accessories

            Our Bras & Accessories range includes all sorts of tips and tricks to make your bra work perfectly under your outfit. Not really a shapewear style, but we love them anyway!

            Bras & Accessories Reviews

              Maternity Shapewear

              Maternity Shapewear is a wonderful (and welcome) addition to the shapewear style range. If you have ever been pregnant you will love this stuff. It doesn’t slim or compress your bump, rather, it supports and cradles it, growing with it (so it fits you throughout your pregnancy). It slims and firms your hips, thighs and bottom though, so it is technically shapewear!

              Maternity Shapewear Reviews