How To Choose The Right Size Shapewear

How Tight Is Just Right?

Choosing shapewear in the right size is possibly the hardest thing about shapewear shopping. It really annoys me that some shops don’t even put size charts on their websites. How hard can it be? Most good shapewear comes with a size chart using either your height and weight (Spanx and Esbelt) or your hips, waist and bust measurements. If you only get a UK dress size, move on and shop somewhere else as choosing shapewear NEEDS to be more accurate than that.

A few size things to consider before you start your shapewear quest:

  • Shapewear needs to be a tight fit. In order for it to produce any sort of slimming effect it needs to be tight, really tight.
  • It shouldn’t be too tight. Whaaat I hear you cry? It needs to be tight enough for it to be a hell of a lot of effort to get it on. However, it shouldn’t squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste, making you spill out in unattractive bulges at the ends!
  • ALWAYS choose shapewear in your size RIGHT NOW – not the size you would like to be! It is so tempting to choose a size down in the hopes it will make you look super slim. It won’t, I promise you. You will look ridiculous. Lumpy, bumpy, uncomfortable and possibly more out of shape than you were without the shapewear on!
  • If you have a fairly large bust in proportion to the rest of your body always choose shapewear that doesn’t cover your bust. You will never get a good fit on your body plus a good shape for your boobs. It just will never happen. The same thing applied to a small bust in proportion to the rest of your body. There is loads of excellent “Wear Your Own Bra” shapewear out there. Go for this style any day.
  • If you are quite short, especially in your torso (hips to bust) area, avoid shapewear that is “high waisted”. This will swamp you and you will be left with loads of material wrinkling up with no where to go.

Shapewear Size Charts:

Most shapewear comes marked up with UK dress sizes. However, most shapewear also comes with its own size chart with hip, waist and bust measurements on. I highly recommend that you check the size charts before you buy as not everyone seems to agree on what say a UK size 14 should measure! Also, if you are a size 12, do you go for a size 10 – 12 or a 12 – 14? You will only know by checking the size charts. If you are in doubt, work on getting the shapewear to fit your waist, rather than anything else.

Some items of shapewear (Spanx and Esbelt) use your weight and height to judge the right size. Please please please ignore the UK dress sizes on websites for these items as I think they are wildly inaccurate. It might feel really disheartening to have to go for a size D in Spanx if you are usually a size 12, but it is probably because you are really tall, not because you are overweight!

With a bit of time and effort checking your measurements and requirements, you should be able to find a piece of shapewear that will fit you. Do remember though not all shapewear will suit everyone. It may take trying a few styles and sizes to work out which is right for you.

Happy Shapewear Shopping!