Shapewear FAQs

I have put together a list of frequently asked questions which may help you in your search for shapewear.

I will be adding to the list whenever I am asked a question which I feel may be helpful to my readers.

A muffin top is the bulgy bit that overhangs too tight waistbands (think what a muffin looks like overspilling the cake case!).

If you tend to suffer from the dreaded muffin top, I recommend that you choose something in our high waisted range – be it a body shaper (shorts), control pants (knickers), control tights or a skirt slip.

The high waist comes up over the area that causes the muffin top and holds it in. You will not only look slimmer, but your waistbands will fit much more comfortably and easily.

WYOB stands for Wear Your Own Bra. This is used in the shapewear world for bodysuits, slips and tops with a scooped out section at the front. Your bust sits in this open section and means you can wear your own bra, giving you the best possible shape.

I highly recommend WYOB styles to ladies with a bust cup size C or bigger. Often, bigger busted women aren’t bigger everywhere else, they just have a great rack! They don’t need extra room on their body, just their bust.

Lots of women fall into the trap of choosing shapewear in the size that they would like to be – rather than the size they are right now.

Most brands have got their sizing pretty good. You need to choose the size according to your **current measurements – be it your dress size, body measurements or weight and height.

If you choose shapewear that is too small for you, it WON’T make you look thinner. It will

  1. make you feel incredibly uncomfortable (if you can even get it on!).
  2. make you look lumpy and bumpy where it finishes – it won’t sit flat against your skin, it will dig in and create bulges.
  3. it will roll down or up, making it look rubbish and making you feel REALLY annoyed by it!
  4. it might actually make you look bigger than you are – think stuffed sausage!!

**the ONLY exception to this is Maternity Shapewear where you are recommend to choose the size according to your PRE-PREGNANCY measurements or weight.

If you wish to ask a question please fill out the form below and I will answer it for you (shapewear related only please!).

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