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    All About Rago Shapewear

    Rago Shapewear is an American based company who have been making shapewear for over 65 years.

    This is why I love Rago…

    Rago started up in 1945 by Jack Rago and Matty Marchisella, two Italian immigrants with a real flair for fabric construction, design and sewing techniques. Their design process was to create and fit shapewear for Matty’s girlfriend. The finished product was sent to over 1000 shops in America. The shops sent back feedback and suggested changes that their customers asked for. Changes were made in collaboration with the shops until the garments were absolutely perfect!

    That is how the manufacturing process should be!

    Rago still make all of their shapewear in the USA rather than getting them made (much more cheaply) in places like China and South America. They say this helps them to keep on top of quality control and easily make changes to fabrics, designs and body measurements. It really does make good sense, when you think about it.

    Rago prides itself on using really high quality fabrics in their shapewear garments. They use very high denier Lycra, which has much more slimming power and shaping control than the poorer quality Lycras.

    Note: Not All Lycras Are Made Equal!

    Rago have really earned themselves an excellent reputation for producing very high quality products that are made with care, made from top quality fabrics, and are designed to really work on the female form. They also sell their shapewear at very reasonable prices!

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