Magic Body Fashion Stick On Bottom Pads


Magic Body Fashion Style # A1BP

  • One pair of pads per packet.
  • One side of each pad is sticky.
  • You stick them into your knickers or bikini.
  • Creates a much bigger bottom shape.
  • Looks and feels very natural.
  • Washable and reusable.

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Magic Body Fashion Stick On Bottom Pads

The Magic Body Fashion Stick On Bottom Pads have to be the cheekiest thing on the market! They are designed a bit like “chicken fillets” for your bra. You stick them into your own knickers and hey presto, you have a MUCH BIGGER more shapely bottom.

You need to wear them with full bottomed knickers as the pads need to sit inside the full bottom fabric.

You can wear them inside bikini bottoms or swimming costumes too as they are water proof.


The bottom pads are rounded, squashy, almost circular pads. They are curved to fit the shape of your bum. The outer curved side has a sticky coating on which you stick into your own knickers.


The bottom pads measure 7.5 inches by 6.75 inches – almost circular but not quite. They only come in one size – one size fits all.


The side that touches your skin is made from a very soft material which shouldn’t irritate or rub the skin.

The sticky side which sticks into your knickers is pretty sticky – maybe not ideal for very expensive silk underwear!


You need to match the position of them in your knickers. This is easiest to do if you lay your knickers inside out and stick them in next to each other.

You can adjust the positioning to give different shapes to your bottom.


The bottom pads can be washed and re-used. You need to hand wash the non-sticky side in warm water and make sure you dry them away from any direct heat.

Natural Effect

The feel of the pads is warm and natural, so if you do get someone touching you they should not have any idea you are wearing bottom pads!


1 Size Fits All



Fabric Content

Polyurethane Foam/ Silicone.

Fabric Care

Hand wash in warm water. Dry away from direct heat.

Exchanges & Returns

The Magic Body Fashion Stick On Bottom Pads CANNOT be returned once the packet has been opened. This is due to hygiene reasons and their sticky nature.


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