Magic Body Fashion Freedom Form Bra


5.00 out of 5

Magic Body Fashion Style # 35FF

  • Stick on bra (individual cups without straps).
  • They give lots of lift, shape and support.
  • 5 sets per packet.
  • Very lightweight and almost invisible when stuck on.
  • Not reusable – dispose of after use.
  • Adjustable to give you your desired cleavage.
  • Perfect under backless, strapless and plunge necklines.
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Magic Body Fashion Freedom Form Bra

So you want to wear that amazing little dress with no back, no straps and an incredible plunging neckline. You know the sort of dress I mean. The type of thing that is usually only worn by flat chested waifs.

And you have boobs.

The Magic Body Fashion Freedom Form Bra is THE MOST INCREDIBLE solution. It is pretty much an invisible bra that will give you loads of lift and support.


The Freedom Form Bra is basically 2 bra cups that you stick directly on to you boobs, giving them shape, lift and at bit of oolalah! There are no straps, no back bits, no front bit. Just the cups.

They are shaped to curve nicely around your breasts and you can adjust them to give you the cleavage you want.

The are sized according to your normal cup size. They only come in cup sizes A, B or C.


The Freedom Form Bra is made from a very very thin, seamless blend of rayon and polyester. This makes them almost invisible and really lightweight to wear.

They are waterproof, so you can wear them under a bikini or swimming costume.

How To Put The Magic Body Fashion Freedom Form Bra On

You firstly need to make sure your boobs are as dry as possible. Please do not use moisturizing lotion beforehand as this will stop the bra from sticking.

Take one of the bra cups and remove the backing. Stick it around and underneath your breast, making sure the centre point is in line with your nipple. Adjust it until you feel supported and shaped.

Now do the same the the second bra cup.

You get 5 pairs of cups per packet.

The cups are not re-usable. Once you have worn them please put them in the bin.

magic body fashion freedom form stick on bra instructions

magic body fashion freedom form stick on bra instructions


Cup Size A, Cup Size B, Cup Size C



Fabric Content

75% rayon, 25% polyester.

Fabric Care

Dispose of after use.

Exchanges & Returns

The Magic Body Fashion Freedom Form Bra CANNOT be returned if it isn’t suitable. This is due to them being sticky – once opened we cannot accept it, sorry!

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  1. Sian
    5 out of 5


    totally brilliant invention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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