My Top 5 Waist Cinchers

my top 5 waist cinchers

I am a HUGE waist cincher fan. I am not blessed with a very in-and-out waist, I am far more straight up and down. In the past when I have been measured for things, people have said “where is your waist” and to be honest I have just guessed.

When I first saw a waist cincher for the first time I was a little bit shocked. They look across between something your granny might wear or something you find in a bodice ripper. It is PROPER full on shapewear!

When I first put a waist cincher on my jaw honestly dropped right to the floor. It gave me THE BEST proper waistline. I actually went in and out, FINALLY I had a waist (albeit a temporary one).

Waist cinchers are not your easy to wear shapewear. They are meant to be TIGHT and they are meant to give you a proper shape changing look. I wouldn’t recommend you put one on to go out for a big meal. I possibly wouldn’t recommend you wear one to a full day wedding (I did this once and ended up taking it off after the ceremony and food as it became pretty uncomfy). However, if you are wanting to look awesome in an outfit (and you don’t need to eat much) I high recommend trying a waist cincher.

Apparently, if you wear a tight waist cincher regularly it does change your shape. I personally haven’t persevered long enough with wearing one. However, I do know several people who say they wear one pretty much every day and they have lost inches from their waistlines. They say it is down to the waist cincher pulling them in, but it also might be that they can’t eat huge amounts whilst wearing one. Either way it is a win win situation!

My Top 5 Waist Cinchers

1. Esbelt Waist Cincher Slimming Corset – RRP: £42.00

esbelt waist cincher slimming corset 404 naturalThe first waist cincher I tried is still the BEST WAIST CINCHER on the market (in my opinion). It is the Esbelt Waist Cincher Slimming Corset (style # ES404). It is made from rubber with flexible bones, so it isn’t for the feint-hearted! It should fit VERY tightly and really really really pull you in. If it isn’t squeezing you, it isn’t doing its job. In America, the brand is called Squeem, which I think suits it as it really does squeeze you in (and you might want to scream a little bit too, either at the squeezing effect, or at the AMAZING waistline you now have!).

2. Esbelt Waist Cincher Vest – RRP: £52.00

esbelt waist cincher vest natural

One common complaint about waist cinchers is that things can “overflow” at the top where they finish. Think muffin top but higher up. Esbelt, in their wisdom came up with the solution – an Esbelt Waist Cincher Vest. This does all the things that their waist cincher (ES404) does, but it also hides away all those lumps and bumps around your bra line and back.

3. Miraclesuit Inches Off Extra Firm Waist Cincher

miraclesuit classic inches off waist cincherI’m pretty tall at around 5ft 9″, so I have a fairly long torso. The Esbelt Waist Cinchers are fairly long and work perfectly on me. However, my sisters and my Mum are much shorter (they add fractions onto their heights when they talk about them!). Their torsos are much shorter in length than mine, so the Esbelt completely swamps them. I did a bit of digging around and got them to try the Miraclesuit Inches Off Extra Firm Waist Cincher. This ISN’T quite as strong in slimming control as the Esbelt. However, it is still EXTRA FIRM, and does a fantastic job of cinching in waists. It is a little bit shorter, top to toe and so sits far better on shorter frames. It is also made from fabric rather than rubber, and so is prettier to look at (and it also doesn’t smell of rubber!).

4. Miraclesuit Real Smooth Step In Waist Cincher – RRP: £38.50

miraclesuit classic inches off real smooth waist cincherOne big problem with waist cinchers is that they are fairly bulky with seams. They work brilliantly under most clothing, but if you are wanting to wear one under a delicate dress or a clingy top, then the more traditional ones are just going to show through. Miraclesuit have made one that works under pretty much any outfit. It is the Miraclesuit Real Smooth Step In Waist Cincher. It has NO SEAMS down the front and has VERY FLAT sewn seams down the sides and the center back. The material is super sleek and smooth, so your clothes should hang beautifully off it with no clinging or static. The edges are laser cut, so there is no bulkiness or binding where they finish on your body. The inside edges are lined with “Wonderful Edge” silicone lining, so it grips to your body and stays in place – no rolling up or down. The control is EXTRA FIRM and it has 6 very discreetly sewn in bones – so much so that they are barely visible from the outside. This is a STEP IN style waist cincher, so there are no fastenings. It does take a fair bit of welly to wiggle it up your body, but once you have it on you are good to go! Although it is EXTRA FIRM in slimming control, because you don’t pull it around you to fasten it it won’t give quite as good results as the traditional hook and eye fastening waist cinchers.

5. Gossard Retrolution Waist Cincher – RRP: £53.00

gossard retrolution waist cincherI’m on a quest to find a PRETTY waist cincher. The ones I have already mentioned above WORK BRILLIANTLY at cinching in your waist. However, they don’t have the looks, so to speak. The prettiest one I have come across so far, that also does a super job of slimming and cinching is the Gossard Retrolution Waist Cincher. It is super pretty with lacey panels and sexy suspenders. It is a bit more pricey than the others at £53.00 but I think it is really worth it!


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