My Top 5 Bra Fixers

top 5 bra fixers

I often have “bra issues”. I’m THAT woman you see fiddling with her bra, hoiking up her bra straps.

I go for bra fittings (which WILDY vary depending on who does it). I buy new bras, they fit nicely. Then something happens. I’m not sure if it is me or the bras. Maybe my shoulders are too moisturised? Maybe my bras don’t like my shoulders. Because down the straps come. And always at the wrong time.

Like the other day, I was all beautifully dressed up for an afternoon garden party (that’s how I roll these days!). It was a lovely sunny day, so I went for a short sleeved dress. I was standing there chatting to some nice but slightly intimidating acquaintances. I felt vaguely together and more “put-together” than I have done in ages.

And that’s when I felt it.  That gentle drop of something on shoulder. Hello bra strap, goodbye my attempt at togetherness. It was like a sign for things to start unravelling. My hair blew into my mouth, my contact lense slipped and my shapewear (Spanx Briefs in case you were asking) started to feel tight. Ah, back to my normal self again.

There are bits and bobs that you can buy that stop the wretched bra strap hoik!

  1. magic body fashion magic bra clip bra transformer

    The Magic Body Fashion Bra Clip Bra Transformer £5.00. This only costs a fiver. You get 4 plastic clips (in 2 different sizes and 2 different colours) that you clip onto the straps of your bra on your back. It turns your bra into a racer back style and completely stops your bra straps from slipping off your shoulders.

  2. magic body fashion bra extender

    The Magic Body Fashion Bra Extender £10.00. Apparently one reason why your bra straps slip off your shoulders is that your bra is too tight around your chest. These bra extenders are little pieces of bra like material with hooks and eyes on. You attach them to the back fastenings of your bra to make the fit a little bit wider.

  3. magic body fashion low back strap bra converter

    The Magic Body Fashion Low Back Strap Bra Converter £8.00. This slightly complicated looking gadget turns your normal back strap bra into a low backed one. This is especially good if you like wearing tops with a fairly low scoop on the back. You can still wear your normal bra without it showing over the back.

  4. magic body fashion secret nipple covers

    The Magic Body Fashion Secret Nipple Covers £8.00. Now, as a breast feeding mother I NEED these when I wear certain “normal” going out clothes. My nipples are ahem somewhat more showy that they are normally and show through my more fashionable clothes terribly! These nipple covers are like pretty plasters (which I suppose you could also use) and they made everything look smooth and less indecent!

  5. magic body fashion freedom form sticky push up bra

    The Magic Body Fashion Freedom Form Bra £11.00. The Freedom Form Bra is basically stick on cups that give you all the shape of a bra without the straps or fastenings. If your outfit means that you can’t wear a bra without it showing but your bust needs support then this is what you need!

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