C is for Control Tights

control tights

Control Tights are either a blessing or a curse, I can’t decide!

They look like a pair of normal tights but with a built in body shaper at the top. They work amazingly well…until they ladder! And then they are no good to anyone.

Control Tights come in 2 different styles: the low waisted sort that stops at your waistline; or the high waisted style that covers your waistline and ends just under your bust.

(Click on each picture to see what we sell in that style)

I personally like the high waisted style as they REALLY help tight waistbands to fit more comfortably.

Control Tights come in lots of different deniers and colours. All of the good ones have reinforced toes and cotton gussets – so you can wear them without knickers for a really smooth VPL free look.

Alternative Terms For Control Tights

Control Top Tights
Slimming Sheers
Slimming Pantyhose

Our Best Selling Control Tights

Do you agree with my definition of Control Tights?

Do you know any alternative terms for Control Tights?

What do you call your slimming tights?

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