C is for Control Pants


Control Pants are one of the easiest to wear types of shapewear. They look like a pair of full bottomed knickers and you just step into them and pull them up.

They can either stop at the waistline or be high waisted, where they come up to just under your bust. If you tend to carry weight around your middle we do suggest that you go for the high waisted style.

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Control Pants are usually made from strong compression fabric and the control is often focused on the tummy. Lots of control pants also provide a nice shape to your bottom too.

The gusset on most control pants is closed, so you do need to pull them down to use the loo – even the high waisted ones. Usually the gusset is made from cotton so you can wear control pants instead of your normal knickers.

Alternative Terms For Control Pants

  • control panties
  • control knickers
  • slimming pants
  • slimming panties
  • slimming knickers

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