B is for Bum Booster

bum booster

For years, looking slimmer and wearing shapewear was all about getting a smaller bum. The whole late 90s early naughties was all about “Does My Bum Look Big In This?” (I LOVE Arabella Weir).

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Roll on a few years and in struts the likes of J-Lo and Kim Kardashian with their amazing curvy bodies. They made their bigger bums look FABULOUS. They actively flaunted them, saying this is what REAL women look like. Now the whole world WANTS a BIGGER BUM!

I honestly did not see that coming.

There are 3 types of “Bum Booster”.

  1. Padded briefs or shorts. These have sewn in pads that add size and shape. The briefs or shorts are full bottomed and they usually have a little bit of slimming control around the tummy too.
  2. Pads. These are a bit like chicken fillets for your bust. You stick them into your own (full bottomed) knickers. Again they add size and shape. These are washable and reusable but they do take a bit of positioning to get them to look right.
  3. Bum shapers. These are knickers, shorts or bodysuits that have “engineered” fabric that act a bit like a bra. They give your bum a bit of a push up, making it sit higher, look rounder and more perky. They also FIRM your bum up. They DON’T increase the size, they just improve the shape and position.

Alternative Terms For Bum Booster

  • Padded Briefs
  • Padded Pants
  • Booty Booster (Spanx!)
  • Bum Shaper
  • Bum Lifter
  • Butt Enhancers
  • Bum Bra

Our Best Selling Bum Boosters

Do you agree with my definition of Bum Boosters?

Do you know any alternative terms for Bum Boosters?

What do you call your bum boosters?

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