B is for Body Shaper

body shaper

The term Body Shaper is one of the most bandied about words in shapewear. I have seen it used from anything from a pair of tiny waistline knickers, to a full blown bodysuit.

The term Body Shaper can, in theory be used for anything designed to temporarily alter the shape of your body.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as:

noun: Any of various tight-fitting women’s undergarments designed to give a smoother silhouette to the body.

origin: 1960s; earliest use found in The Los Angeles Times.

Most shops in the UK call any shapewear that looks like a pair of cycling shorts a body shaper. These garments can be mid thigh in length, or shorter, and can be high waisted (coming up to just under the bust), or lower waisted, stopping at the waistline.

We class our body shapers into 4 different styles:

  1. Low waisted girl shorts (fairly short legs)
  2. High waisted girl shorts (fairly short legs)
  3. Low waisted body shaper (mid thigh legs)
  4. High waisted body shaper (mid thigh legs)

Click on each body shaper style below to see what we well in that style.

Alternative Terms For A Body Shaper:

  • magic knickers
  • body briefer
  • slimming shorts
  • thigh slimmer
  • thigh reducer

Our Best Selling Body Shapers


Do you agree with my definition of the term Body Shaper?

Do you know any other alternative terms for a Body Shaper?

What do you call cycling short style shapewear?

Please comment below, we would love to hear from you x

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